Sensation and Perception Tutorials

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Here is a small collection of tutorials and demonstrations related to our senses.
Choose a topic and have fun.

Art Icon
Use of Visual Information in Art

A brief review of some of the ways
artists can create particular experiences.


Interactive Sensory Laboratory Exercises (ISLE). by John H. Krantz and Bennett L. Schwartz.

A set of interactive illustrations designed to accompany Sensation & Perception by Bennett L. Schwartz & John H. Krantz
Sizeconstancyicon.jpg (9429 bytes)
Size Constancy

Or why do we see things the size we do?

Fourier Icon
A Pictorial Introduction to
Fourier Analysis/Synthesis

This turoial illustrates a mathematical
procedure, using only pictures, to
illustrate how many complex images
can be converted into a set of simple images.

Java Applet Illustration
This applet lacks the explanatory material of above, but will let you play with the concepts some.

Benham's Top and Fechner Colors
This tutorial is a demonstration
where you can see
colors with a black and
white stimulus.

Here is a Java Applet that Implements the actual top.

Receptive Field Icon
Receptive Fields

This tutorial covers some basic issues
about how the brain processes visual,
and other sensory, information.

Too Follow up try these:
Receptive Field Description
A collection of effects related to edges
Lateral Inhibition and Receptive Fields as Edge Detectors

Signal Detection Theory:

Java Version

Microsoft Office Web Components Version



Blakemore-Sutton Effect

Figural Aftereffect (Kohler and Wallach)

Color Aftereffect

Emmert's Law

Gestalt Laws of Organization

Java Versions

Subjective Contours
Proximity and Similarity
Good Continuation
Common Fate

Motion and Depth

Induced Motion

The Effects of Shadows

Vergence Eye Movements
Java Version

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