Hanover College
Research Using The College Subject Pool
Study Number Researchers Topic
  Fall Term  
001 Krantz et al. S& P Text
002 Tricia Callahan & Sirrena Piercy gender differences in emotionality and instrumentality
003 Kira Jump and Blair Terrell Individual Differences and Contingencies of Self
004 Shoko Nakatsuji & Justin Owen opposites attract
005 Angie French & Tasia Cowan Response to Assaults
006 Amanda Caddell & Adam Browder gender and demand characteristics
007 Jennifer McGuinness & Melissa Baer How music affects our moods
  Winter Term  
008 Amy Kerr  
009 Bree Kitchens & Birana Underwood  
010 Sarah Davis & Jenny McGuinness Levels of Sensory Processing in Secondary Language Acquisition
011 Amy Scholz & Kirsten Li Exemplar versus prototype organizational learning: a study in colored clay
012 Adam Bowman & Jeffrey Jourdan The Nose Knows: the effect of sports participation on smells and related memories
013 Brandi Reynolds & Johnny Tock  
014 Kati Knight & Sarah Blythe What Causes More Recall Error?  Proactive or Retroactive Interference Tasks Composed of Cursory or Semantically Processed Information
015 Noelle Liwski & Jessica Rouse Emotional State as a Predictor of Decision-making
016 Abby Ramser & Shannon Hooven Physiological Indicators of Cognitive Activity
017 Jenny Drake & Angie Miller The Effects of Semantic and Episodic Encoding on the Creation of False Memories.
018 Justin Adams, Emily Helfrich, Emily Thieneman The Effects of Personal Space Invasion and Classical Music on Test Performance
019 Sarah Davis   The effects of teaching styles on the development of automaticity
020 Kati Knight   Physiological responses to threat in contingent domains
021 Nathan Moore, Blake Bartling, Jennifer Faulkner Mood Effects on Memory
022 David Buck & Megan Stevens Operation Span Task
023 Vivienne Alonso, Sarah Gross & Stephanie Hinojosa  The Effects of Greek Life on Alcohol Consumption
024 Shannon Updike & Zach Walker College Life Survey
025 Kory Sims & Derik Orschell Self-Reference in Facilitating Encoding and Recall