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   Faces and Places of Psychology
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Goodbye and good luck to all all our seniors!
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End of the Year Senior Party

  Congratulations to the Psychology Class of 2002!

Senior Butler Presentations

Click here to see pictures of the Senior Presentations at Butler.


Other students presenting at Butler:



Kati Knight and Sarah Blythe presented their directed study work on stereotype threat.


Sarah Blythe presented her sensation & perception work with Heather Buford and Jerry Johnson on simultaneous contrast.


Marianne Berger presented her Research Methods poster (from Fall 2001) about art therapy.

The poster was co-authored by Jessica Thornberry and Johnny Tock.


Elizabeth Spievak's Cognitive Psychology Class also presented posters at Butler.

 Click here for pictures.


Research Methods Classes W02 Presentation/Poster Session

W02RMPres1.jpg (613640 bytes)W02RMPres2.jpg (640265 bytes)

Students presented their semester group projects.

W02RMPoster1.jpg (628944 bytes)W02Poster4.jpg (295090 bytes)W02RMPoster2.jpg (645713 bytes)

After presentations, there was a poster session.


W02RMClass.jpg (325435 bytes)

Click here for pictures of all the Winter 2002 poster presenters

Psychology Club 2002-2003 Officers Elected

MaxxS.jpg (731620 bytes)

Maxx Somers - President

Julie Witherup - Vice President

ValerieH.jpg (730025 bytes)

Valerie Horobik - Treasurer

BrandiR.jpg (710280 bytes)

Brandi Reynolds - PR Chair/Historian


Jessica Thornberry (not pictured) - Secretary


2002-2003 Psi Chi President Elected

SarahB.jpg (722165 bytes)

Sarah Blythe



Click here for pics from W02 visit by Madison High School Psychology Students



The Psychology Favorite Quotes T-shirt (modeled by John Krantz). 

Who has been immortalized for a flippant remark?  

Click here to read the quotes!




Jim Erikson presenting to Central High Students at the 2nd "Science Day" (Winter, 2002)

Click here to see a short video of Jim



John Krantz was one of the faculty presenters at a recent National Science Foundation Advanced Training Institute 

(in Social Psychology of all things)

Giving a presentation

Being a pest with the camera


PSY309 Research Practicum Presentations, Fall 2001

All gathered at the beginning of the afternoon.

Robyn Shoaff discusses her work with Connie.  Katie Spaeth was the lab supervisor on the project.

Nathan McClain makes a point about his and Amy Kerr's research with Elizabeth.

Kirsten Li presents an example of the stimuli she worked with with John.

Cubs on Campus, Fall 2001

Playing with brains

Seeing in 3D







Two Cubs with Bridget Barrett




Exploring Behavior Week, October 2001

PA180002.JPG (716294 bytes)

Heather Buford at Southwestern Junior/Senior High School


Students learned about color after-image effects from Heather with the green/yellow flag demo.

Heather led a lively discussion.

shawe.jpg (672194 bytes)

Students Learning about Color from John K. at Shawe High School


Our as yet unnamed animatronic "rat"


PA080001.JPG (751077 bytes)

PA050019.JPG (726862 bytes)
Some children playing with our "rat" at the open house on Homecoming 2001

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