Psychology Department's
New Space


Hallway.jpg (310078 bytes)
The hall way in Goodrich showing the faculty offices.

I will start at the far end of the picture and work to the other end of the Goodrich wing where most of psychology is housed now.

zirklelab.jpg (227892 bytes)
At one end of the hall is the Zirkle small group interaction laboratory.

observation.jpg (242919 bytes)
Next is the room that is used to make observations both in the Zirkle lab and the large group observation room.

largegroup.jpg (210131 bytes)
The large group interaction laboratory.

faclounge.jpg (220089 bytes)
Coming back down the hallway is the faculty lounge space.

CogStat.jpg (250198 bytes)
Next is the new computer lab for statistics and cognitive psychology.

Lounge.jpg (301345 bytes)
A little further down the hall is a lounge for students.

TerryClass.jpg (245607 bytes)
Across from the lounge is the Terry Classroom.

rawsonintro.jpg (218471 bytes)
At the other end of Goodrich from where we began is the Rawson Introductory Psychology lab.

StudOffce.jpg (282515 bytes)
Next to the introductory laboratory is one of the student office spaces.
studentspace1.jpg (240896 bytes)

Psychology also has some space on the first floor of the new Science Center to which Goodrich is attached.  These are the:

Baylor Sensation and Perception Laboratory
BaylorS&P.jpg (285064 bytes)

And the Reilly Neuropsychology Laboratory
reillyneuro.jpg (252102 bytes)




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