Although Hanover College offered a few courses in "psychology" in the years following World War I, most of these offerings were taught by philosophers and educators. In 1936, Hanover's first professionally trained psychologist, Dr. George A. Zirkle, arrived from Duke University. Dr. Zirkle and his wife, Sara (also a psychologist), were two of the most celebrated students in J.B. Rhine's parapsychological laboratory. Dr. and Mrs. Zirkle greatly expanded the number and quality of psychology offerings, so that by 1947 Hanover College was able to advertise a complete major in psychology. The psychology staff consisted solely of Dr. Zirkle and various part-time help until 1963, when Dr. Harve E. Rawson joined the staff as the second full-time trained psychologist.

Throughout the 1960's and early 1970's, psychology at Hanover College grew rapidly and was soon the second largest major and the largest producer of students pursuing post-baccalaureate graduate and professional training.

A third position was added and Dr. Roger L. Terry filled it in 1968. Dr. Zirkle retired in 1973 and was replaced by Dr. Allan J. Berg in 1976. The department consisted of Drs. Rawson, Terry, Berg, and various part-time persons until 1990, when a fourth position was created and filled by Dr. John H. Krantz. In 1992, Dr. Berg was replaced by Dr. Christopher E. Silva and in 1994 by Dr. Carolyn L. Lee and most recently by Stephen Dine Young in 1998.  Also, at the end of the 1993-1994 Academic Year Dr Rawson retired after 31 years of service and was replaced by Dr. Nancy A. Hanna.  At the end of the 1997-1998, Dr. Roger Terry retired bring to a close the last faculty member that worked with the department founder, George Zirkle.  In 1999, the department hired Dr. Connie Wolfe to replace Roger Terry.   You can see the history of the department positions in a table form here.

In 1986 psychology as a vital discipline taught by psychologists celebrated its "golden anniversary" at Hanover College. In 1987 it celebrated its 40th anniversary as a separate major.  Now the department is clearly in the hands of a new generation of psychologist eager and able to maintain the departments record of excellence.  We look forward to many more years of sustained excellence and continued growth.

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