A minor in Psychology allows specialized direction in conjunction with another major such as Business, Education, Sociology, or Biology. A psychology minor is composed of six (6) courses including Basic Principles of Psychology (Psy 111); at least two courses from Personality Theory (Psy 231), Developmental Psychology (Psy 241), Social Psychology (Psy 242), Behavior Disorders (Psy 243), Human Sexuality (Psy 251), Counseling & Psychotherapy (Psy 332), and a nonlaboratory Special Topics (Psy 1/2/360) course; and at least two courses from Research Design & Statistics (Psy 220), Neuropsychology (Psy 222), Learning Theory (Psy 232), Human Factors Psychology (330), Sensation & Perception (Psy 331), Cognitive Psychology (Psy 333), Research Controversies in Psychology (Psy 461), and a laboratory Special Topics (Psy 1/2/360) course.

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