Psychology Department
Student Resources

Here are pages that contain information of particular interest to our students, both majors and non-majors.

Class Pages You will find here on-line course syllabi and web resources (both local and on the web as a whole) for each course in the major. 

Research Opportunities Information about research opportunities for students

Award Winners A listing of student award winners in the department

Online Research Links to online research participation opportunities

SurveyBuildR The department tool to assist students developing online research studies.

PanthR The R statistical language with packages developed to facilitate student use of the program developed by Bill Atlermatt.

Finding Psychological Scales. A web page showing how to gather psychological scales. (Hosted at Muhleberg College)

Library Research Resources here you will find links to online library resources such as the catalog, First Search and the list of journals in the library.

Student Handbook 

Career Exploration Information

Graduate School  This page has resources to help you in your effort to get into graduate and professional school.

Student Organizations  These are organizations for students.

Psychology Department Web Pages 

Job Search  As you look for summer or after-graduation jobs, here are some links to help you.

PsychScholar Web pages designed with resources for psychology stludents.