Psychology Department
Psychology Research at Hanover

Faculty Research Labs

Psychology of Music and Movies Laboratory
Faculty: Dr. Skip Dine-Young
Contact: youngst[at]hanover[dot]edu
Office: Science Center 
Sensation and Perception Laboratory
Faculty: Dr. John Krantz
Contact: krantzj[at]hanover[dot]edu
Office: Science Center 151
Biopsychosocial Lab
Faculty: Dr. Mary Saczawa
Contact: saczawa[at]hanover[dot]edu
Office: Science Center 152
Topics: adolescence, puberty, social development, stress hormones
Developmental Laboratory
Faculty: Dr. Rachel Thomas
Contact: thomasra[at]hanover[dot]edu
Office: Science Center 

Student Research Projects

The Hanover Psychology Department prides itself on the breadth of applied experience our students receive as part of the major course of study.  Over half of the psychology courses at Hanover include a laboratory section, providing students with valuable experience applying course concepts and conducting and presenting original research studies.  Below are examples of recent projects our students have completed.

PSY220: Research Design and Statistics

PSY333: Cognitive Psychology

PSY337: Learning

PSY334: Social Psychology

PSY346: Adulthood and Aging

PSY462: Research Seminar

Participating in Research

Online Research Opportunities

Current In-Person Studies at Hanover

Researcher Resources

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